Penile Yeast Infections: What Triggers Thrush in Men?

Published: 23rd February 2010
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Information about thrush makes you feel more secure and less troubled. Thrush among men is a kind of yeast infection where its origin came from the overgrowth of a fungus which can be found in a male body. This organism is one kind of specie of the Candida albicans. Before you even think of worrying, you have good bacteria in your body that can control the increase of fungi. However, if these bacteria that protect you are destroyed, fungi would multiply leading to infection called thrush.

So how does one know that he already has it? These typical signs of a penile yeast infection could help you. It is seen as an inflammation or swelling in the head or tip of the penis. This part can become red and painful. Also, you may experience itching and irritation. Tiny red spots and discharge may come out. Underneath the foreskin, a whitish substance could develop having the smell that of cheese or yeast.

However, if you are asymptomatic, some of the signs are not observable. So, if your partner has been infected with thrush, you have chances of being infected as well.

Men who have active sexual life are more prone to acquiring the condition of thrush. In treating the disease, it has to be taken into consideration that spouses and partners of infected people should be treated as well. It is also necessary that protection such as condom should be used until the time that they both of them are cured. However, it is also worthy to know that not all thrush are sexually transmitted. There are other situations that have a say to the condition. And these activate the thrush in men.

Men who are uncircumcised are more prone to thrush. The foreskin of the penis in uncircumcised men contains a lot of moisture and warmth inside. This condition results to the growth of fungus underneath the tissue.

If you are a person who has diabetes, expect the recurrence of thrush in spite of the treatments that you give to it. It is during this time that your immune system does not function well. Also, when you take medications such as antibiotics for a long period of time, it would not only destroy the bad bacteria but also the good ones.

Taking into consideration some preventive measures is very essential to keep yourself from having thrush. Start by observing proper hygiene. Make sure that you take a bath everyday to keep the foreskin clean. The two options saline baths and soaking in bath salts would help in keeping the foreskin dry. When it comes to choosing what you wear, dress up yourself with light and comfortable underwear and underpants.

After knowing the signs to watch out for in thrush and the factors that contribute to it, the next best thing to do is to have yourself checked by a doctor before you resort to any unprescribed medications. A check up would help you verify if the condition you have is a penile yeast infection.

Based on her wide experience as an expert on all kinds of yeast infections, Pamela Huntly explores with you the world of thrush in men. Pamea reveals the details to you in Thrush in Men and elaborates much more on them in Penile Yeast Infections.

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